The Reesie Reader & Bookie Literacy Club
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About The Reesie Reader & Bookie Literacy Club
Since our program opened its doors in 2005, we've treated every child like they were a part of our family. The Reesie Reader & Bookie Literacy Club is a family-owned and operated story time literacy club volunteer service founded by Reading Reaps Rewards Early Childhood Enrichment Program. It was created with a mission to service programs with children from families who may not be able to supply new books and allow experiences of live story time entertainment events. Receiving new books and experiencing a fun filled storybook event can help heal children emotionally through the gift of laughter, creating wonderful memories that last a life time. Story time can imaginatively whisk you away to your favorite places, helping to heal a troubled child. " Whenever I was sad as a child, story books became my friends. Cinderella was one of my favorite books! Books were my world away from home."- Cherese  "Talena Skye" Bracey. Throughout Hudson County and abroad we've distributed close to 10,000 book donations from generous donors and provided free story time events to many programs including those that service our most vulnerable children.