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Books Are Our Friends

The Reesie Reader & Bookie Literacy Club is a volunteer initiative. 
We give back to our community by bringing the gift of storytime and book donations to children who need it the most. 

Bookie's Book Hospital:

Our book hospital teaches children the value of caring for books through repair,preservation, and prevention. 
visiting children in schools, daycares
& learning centers with hands on activities that nurture respect and compassion teaching them to care for books in their classrooms.    

We help children who hurt emotionally and are effected by unfortunate circumstances bringing them gifts of love, book donations and special story times who are in foster care, children hospitals, youth homes, or wherever there are hurting children. We put smiles on little faces during stressful times.
The Case of the Withering Books
Bookie's book hospital will make sure his little book friends are fixed up and able to be read again. Call us for help today!